Vibrant. Peaceful. Modern. Traditional. Home.

Find yourself at home in a contemporary suite that suits your taste. Enjoy amenities that benefit your unique sense of play. Enjoy the proximity of downtown Ottawa without the congestion. Explore exciting retail and entertainment at your doorstep. Live your dream without sacrificing your lifestyle. This is Luma.

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Familiar by Design
Contextual Architecture

Luma’s architecture represents its community; warm, open and inviting. It takes a modern approach to some very traditional ideals. The materiality, like Elmvale Acres itself, is timeless and durable, creating a façade that feels at home in its surroundings. The darker base, created with oversized masonry and textured aluminium inspired by natural materials, gives way to lighter upper floors of airy grey brick and light glazing. The design is thoughtful; every window maximizes natural light; every pathway maximizes movement and every finish is selected to echo the natural environment. Luma feels familiar, completely by design.

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Since 1993, RioCan has helped shape the places Canadians want to work and shop. Now, RioCan Living is shaping the places they want to live.

We know that building a community takes more than bricks and mortar. It takes people. When we select a project location and building team, we’re thinking about the people who will one day call it home. Our goal is to enhance the culture of each neighbourhood we work in through listening, discovery, and innovation. Every one of our developments is backed by our proven performance and commitment to providing impeccable management, convenient access to major commuter routes, world-class architecture perfectly suited for the community, best-in-class amenities and expertly curated retail experiences. This is how we’re helping to shape the future. This is RioCan Living.

Killam Apartment REIT, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is one of Canada’s leading residential landlords, owning, managing and developing a $4.8 billion portfolio across Canada. We work hard to make sure that all our residents love the place they call home. It’s where they grow, entertain friends, and even raise their families. It’s where memories are born, and experiences are savoured. So we’re proud to do our part to make our residents’ lives a little richer. At Killam, we believe in innovation and thoughtfully designed buildings that residents are proud to call home.